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Caring for people and the planet.


To care for people and the planet through luxury real estate and healthy solutions and experiences, in the creation of an ecosystem of Wellness Real Estate and environmentally friendly Communities.


What Does Awen Village Stand for?

Celtic for essence or inspiration; spiritual illumination and harmony between the opposites; love, wisdom and truth; nature, knowledge and truth.

Pinecone; symbol for the pineal gland. Flame icon; illumination. Group of many, a community. Pointing toward the sky; connection between earth and sky, material and spiritual. Leaves; the Tree of Life. Nature.

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AWEN DEVELOPERS S.A.P.I. DE C.V. coordinates and integrates a group of four specialized companies that design, build, market, sell and operate Wellness Real Estate. Its team of partners have over 100 years of proven development experience in structuring, integrating and managing projects and business ventures.

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