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People are rapidly becoming aware that to enjoy a higher quality and more fulfilled lifestyle, it is key to work continuously on improving their wellbeing.

Going on vacation is good and necessary from time to time, but it can be difficult to keep up the great work you've been doing to maintain your wellness lifestyle...

Awen Village Wellness Resorts is created for people who don't want to sacrifice their wellbeing because of a lack of spaces, experiences, and services needed to keep up moving forward in the development of their multiple wellness dimensions.

We strive for the wellbeing of everyone who engages with us. 

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The Tree of Life. Rooted to the ground, growing toward the sky.

Awen = Celtic word for " Spiritual Awakening "


We have a challenge ahead, as a community and as part of this planet: The challenge to do our best to help our environment and support local communities.


Regenerative development is part of every decision we make, to ensure we are providing the best of our efforts to have a positive impact on our planet.

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As a part of the Wellbeing Network Platform, each one of the Awen Village Wellness Resorts is thoroughly planned and built under very specific guidelines and characteristics that guarantee our contribution to the wellbeing of every Awen Village guest, member, and employee as well as to our planet.

Our resorts' construction, architecture design, and operation are deeply attached to sustainable and regenerative development, ensured by certifications such as LEED and WELL Building Standard™.

With human wellness in mind, there is an extense amount of elements included in all of our resorts that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. These are just a few of them:

  ✓ Biophilic design and architecture.

  ✓ Non-invasive building.

  ✓ Adaptation of facilities to the location.

  ✓ Circadian lighting.

  ✓ Custom " smellscapes ".

  ✓ Energy-efficient and sustainable energy fueled facilities and transport.